Sunday, 27 January 2013

Just ignore it...

Check out my teeth!
Lulu's only got eight teeth but she's started grinding them already. It's a horrific noise. Her little tooflepegs are so dainty and perfect it causes us some distress every time we hear it. I first described it as being like a jack hammer in a box although Jill's described as a JCB bucket scraping on concrete. The closest I can liken it to is the noise you get when you grind a handful of glass marbles together.

Of course we've googled it and the general consensus is that it's best just to ignore it. That's easier said than done though...

Friday, 25 January 2013


Danger's my middle name, Daddy.
Lulu is her own worst enemy and we're rather thankful for it.

She is drawn, like the proverbial moth to a flame, to any and all items that could cause her harm. She has some kind of internal danger radar that will filter out all safe items in the room and locate the most dangerous object.

Her downfall however is that, after she has locked on to her target, and starts to make her way towards the contraband whether it be hot coffee/open stairgate/flame thrower she lets out a slightly maniacal laugh. Thus the game is up. Even if we haven't been observing her approach to said deadly thing, as soon as we hear her mischievous chuckle we know action is required.

Hopefully, she won't learn to keep shtum...

One photo at a time...

As a keen photographer as well as a father this video got me.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Good advice for your children

I liked this...

Props to for the pic

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Disconcerting imaginings...

Not sure what to write about today. We're still on holiday and i'm fully into relaxation mode. I've finished reading a book already and have cobbled together four blog posts. It normally happens this way though. I need a few days to properly decompress from the hustle & bustle but when decompression is complete I'm a world class relaxer. And when I'm relaxed, I get stuff done...

I had a disturbing time a couple of nights ago though. 
I had returned to bed after a 2am feed and as I tried to fall back asleep i began to have dark imaginings of my own demise. I was picturing myself suddenly and with no apparent reason falling out of bed and completely unable to breath. My twisted night thoughts even went so far as picturing my better half trying to attend to me in a distressed and panicked manner. 
Despite the traumatic thoughts I must have fallen asleep fairly soon afterwards waking up a good five hours later feeling suitably refreshed. One wonders about tired minds though?! 

(the pic is our Lulu also relaxing in front of the fire...)

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Soppy bugger!

Happy anniversary my dear wife...

What a fantastic year it's been! It's hard to imagine that this time last year our baba was a mere 6 month old bump in your ever increasing biodome. Look at her now. Look at us now too. Mom & pop!

This year has shown how lucky a man i am as i not only have the best wife on the planet but it turns out that you're the best mummy on the planet too.

Anyways, i pinch myself all the time to make sure this is not dream.

All my love, forever...


Resumption of duties...

Actually it's unfair of me to describe this blog as a duty as I really enjoy adding to it when the opportunities present themselves. 
We're on our holiday at the moment at a lovely little holiday cottage owned by Jill's mum & dad. Our little Lulu was put to bed a couple of hours ago so my better half and I are now relaxing in front of an open fire.
Jill's currently improving her progress on a Professor Layton mystery game and I've just caught up reading of the various blogs that I follow, hence you now find me compiling a new post. I suppose it's testimony to the quality of the blogs that I follow that it immediately makes me want to pick up my nearest digital device (my phone) and get some thoughts down on paper (so to speak). 
One particular blog that I really enjoy is Rude Cactus who's been "blogging from the right side of the dirt since 2003". I began reading his blog late last year, a short while before becoming a dad myself, along with a few other dad bloggers with the hope that I could get some nuggets of fatherly advice or at the very least feel some distant, digital bond to a kindred spirit who was going through or has been through the same stuff as I. The Rude Cactus blog doesn't quite fulfil a function of being an information service about fatherhood. What it does do however is give an entertaining, humorous, warm and often forthright glimpse into one man's journey as a family man and I consider it all the better for it.